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Maker builds a DIY SLA 3D printer for less than $30

This SLA 3D printer can be created using materials found throughout your home — and an Arduino. Although many 3D printers strive for simplicity and affordability, this one surely takes the cake. Whereas a device under $500 may catch your attention, one that costs less than a Saturday night dinner surely will hold it. Buildyourownsla.com user “Mystamo” […]

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BoXZY is a triple-threat tool that brings an entire Makerspace to your desk

BoXZY is an all-in-one CNC mill, laser engraver and 3D printer.  We’ve seen plenty of 3D printers. We’ve seen a number of CNC mills. We’ve seen countless laser engravers. Yet, a combination of all three is a much rarer sight. Developed by two brothers from Pittsburgh, Joel and Justin Johnson, their recently-revealed machine is shaping up to be a multi-purpose […]

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RenderBot is a DIY 3D printer with a focus on quality

RenderBot is a high-quality, inexpensive and easy-to-build 3D printer for Makers of any level. It’s no secret that new, do-it-yourself 3D printers are a dime a dozen these days. Yet, it seems like a majority of these kits are designed with the goal of packing as many components into the machine as humanly possible, while still maintaining […]

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Scout is a 3D-printable, Flutter-based RC car

This remote control car is screwless, wireless, and full of awesomeness.  No novice to DIY, Taylor Alexander has spent a life of hacking, making and transfiguring things to have them do all sorts of actions than these electronics were originally made to do. At the early age of five, he would break objects down and rebuild them to create something entirely different […]

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SmartrapCore is a low-cost, open-source wooden box 3D printer

SmartrapCore is the company’s second model and is even easier to assemble than the Smartrap. As the popularity of inexpensive, open-source 3D printers continues to grow amongst the DIY community, Smartfriendz is hoping to help accelerate adoption with their latest device, the SmartrapCore. Touted as a “true RepRap printer,” it is capable of constantly improving itself by printing its own plastic parts and upgrades. Possessing the same ease-of-use as […]

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Mini Metal Maker is an affordable metal clay 3D printer

This machine will let you print your own jewelry, ornaments and clips.  Have you ever wanted to design your own custom jewelry, metal findings, sculptures, specialized machine parts and ornamental hardware? Well, you’re in luck. Thanks to David and Lindsay Hartkop’s latest Indiegogo project, we may be closer to a world of affordable, in-home metal 3D printing. The aptly-dubbed Mini Metal […]

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Rhino is a commercial-grade 3D printer at a consumer-friendly price

Rhino is an industrial grade 3D printer with a heated chamber and all-metal chassis. While it seems like inexpensive, easy-to-use 3D printers are a dime a dozen these days, one Toronto-based startup is looking to set itself apart from the pack by offering an affordable yet extremely robust device. Created by Monirad Robotics, the Rhino 3D Printer boasts a number […]

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Blacksmith Genesis is the world’s first rotary 3D printer and scanner

3D scan + print + copy The world’s first compact 3D printer that can also scan items and create their digitized models has been launched and is expected to be delivered to the United States next month. Developed by Nanyang Technological University-originated startup Blacksmith Group, the user-friendly device allows Makers of all levels to scan any item, then edit the digitized model on the […]

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Cheetah 3.1 is 10 times faster than other 3D printers

A big machine for big ideas! This 3D printer creates objects you wouldn’t normally see from others on the market today. Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen some pretty impressive 3D-printed creations from Hans Fouche. Now, the Maker has launched a new style of his popular 3D printer called the Cheetah 3.1 that is capable of producing objects that you […]

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Can 3D printing replace traditional upholstery?

Dutch designer claims 3D-printing can replace traditional upholstery techniques to produce spongy-surfaced furniture. Lilian van Daal, who recently graduated from The Hague’s Royal Academy of Art, has created a conceptual chair unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Inspired by plant cells which are capable of performing several different tasks, the Dutch designer has sought out to make soft seating more sustainable […]

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