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Building a low-cost Delta 3D printer out of recycled electronics

Maker creates a Delta-style 3D printer using recycled parts from an old dot matrix printer and flatbed scanner.  When it comes to the Maker Movement, DIYers never cease to amaze us with new ways to recycle electronic waste. Take Instructables user Hesam Hamidi for instance, who has impressively created a Delta-style 3D printer using parts from an old dot […]

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This 3D printer can produce objects smaller than red blood cells

Researchers have developed a 3D printer that can create objects as tiny as 0.001 millimeters. A team of researchers from South Korea’s Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) have developed a 3D printing technology that is capable of producing high-resolution 3D patterns as tiny as 0.001 millimeter in size, which happens to be thinner than a human red blood cell. […]

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Teen Maker builds a Cherry 3D printer for just $70

This DIY FDM 3D printer may be among the cheapest ones ever. For young Makers, bringing an idea to life in the most inexpensive way possible is a top priority most of the time. Making that project look good on a limited budget is sometimes, well, even more of a challenge. That is unless, of course, you’re teenage Maker Johannes Rostek, who […]

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Building a $60 SLA 3D printer with LEGO and K’NEX

Don’t want to spend big bucks on an SLA printer but tired of FDM? Make your own with LEGO, K’NEX and Arduino. While the market for 3D printers has surely grown throughout the years, up until now a majority of Makers have turned to Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) machines. These work by heating a material, extruding it out of a moving […]

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SeraMaker is an open-source, Arduino-powered 3D printer

This open-source 3D printer was inspired by the RepRap Prusa Mendel i2.  The brainchild of an Italian Maker “SebaSera94” as part of his a project at the Istituto D’Istruzione Superiore Giacomo Floriani, SeraMaker is a RepRap-inspired 3D printer. Based on the Prusa Mendal i2, this FDM machine is comprised of six pieces of medium-density fiberboard ranging in thickness from five millimeters for the base to 12 millimeters […]

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This 3D printer is made of LEGO bricks

Don’t let its appearance fool you, this LEGO machine will work just as good as any Prusa i3 printer. Reminiscing about your earliest years as a Maker will surely conjure up some memories of interlocking multi-colored plastic bricks. Since its debut in 1949, LEGO has remained synonymous with DIY, especially for the younger crowd. As of late, we have been seeing […]

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RepRapPro launches a $300 Delta 3D printer

The Fisher Delta 3D printer is an easy-to-assemble and even easier-to-afford machine for Makers of any level. Safe to say that the adoption of 3D printing will rely heavily upon both affordability and accessibility to Makers. And one of the companies continuing to lead the way is RepRapPro, who has debuted yet another open source machine for the DIY community. Recently unveiled during 3D […]

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This suitcase is actually a portable 3D printer

Focus is a multi-material, ultra-portable 3D printer that fits within a suitcase.  When it comes to the utmost portability, nothing says “on the go” more than a piece of luggage, right? Have you ever thought about taking a 3D printer with you when you’re traveling? Probably not, mostly because a vast majority of machines are still […]

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Lewihe Play is a $77 3D printer for Makers

This new 3D printer from Lewihe is both extremely customizable and affordable. As we’ve seen with pretty much all technology, whether that’s PCs, laptops or the conventional printer market, prices tend to drop to a more affordable and reasonable level in time. Think about it, just a couple of years ago, a 3D printer would […]

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Electroloom is the world’s first fabric ‘3D printer’

Doin-knit and doin-knit and doin-knit well! This 3D printer can create your nightly attire moments before heading out.  Archaeologists suggest that the art of sewing dates all the way back to the prehistoric era, nearly 25,000 years ago, where those of the last ice age would attach hide, skin, fur and bark to devise clothing and shelter with nothing more than some […]

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