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Rhino is a commercial-grade 3D printer at a consumer-friendly price

Rhino is an industrial grade 3D printer with a heated chamber and all-metal chassis. While it seems like inexpensive, easy-to-use 3D printers are a dime a dozen these days, one Toronto-based startup is looking to set itself apart from the pack by offering an affordable yet extremely robust device. Created by Monirad Robotics, the Rhino 3D Printer boasts a number […]

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Blacksmith Genesis is the world’s first rotary 3D printer and scanner

3D scan + print + copy The world’s first compact 3D printer that can also scan items and create their digitized models has been launched and is expected to be delivered to the United States next month. Developed by Nanyang Technological University-originated startup Blacksmith Group, the user-friendly device allows Makers of all levels to scan any item, then edit the digitized model on the […]

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Cheetah 3.1 is 10 times faster than other 3D printers

A big machine for big ideas! This 3D printer creates objects you wouldn’t normally see from others on the market today. Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen some pretty impressive 3D-printed creations from Hans Fouche. Now, the Maker has launched a new style of his popular 3D printer called the Cheetah 3.1 that is capable of producing objects that you […]

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Can 3D printing replace traditional upholstery?

Dutch designer claims 3D-printing can replace traditional upholstery techniques to produce spongy-surfaced furniture. Lilian van Daal, who recently graduated from The Hague’s Royal Academy of Art, has created a conceptual chair unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Inspired by plant cells which are capable of performing several different tasks, the Dutch designer has sought out to make soft seating more sustainable […]

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Pirx’s latest 3D printer could be the ‘ONE’

You can say goodbye to crooked prints with this steel-framed, high-resolution machine. Created by Poland-based startup Pirx, the ONE is a consumer-friendly and stylish 3D printer boasting a number of built-in features including an upgradeable heated bed for ABS support. Based on an an AT90USB1286, the affordable yet robust machine is equipped with an auto bed-leveling system, an LCD interface screen, and SD card […]

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Thingystock is an open-source, Delta-style 3D printer

Another DIY 3D printer has just launched a crowdfunding campaign. The Thingystock — which recently made its Kickstarter debut — is an open-source, Delta-style 3D printer with an expandable build volume. Created by Makers Matt and Alyssa Wahlers, the machine is fully-printable and completely upgradeable by users. Thingystock’s modular frame is comprised of three parts, and with additional pieces, can be […]

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Little Monster is a 3D printer with big promise — and an ATmega2560

A desktop friendly consumer 3D printer that won’t scare your wallet.  You may recall the Cobblebot 3D Printer from its successful Kickstarter campaign last summer. Like a number of other low-cost devices on the market today, it was powered by an Arduino Mega 2560 (ATmega2560) and boasted an impressively-sized build area, allowing Makers to create objects up to 15″ x […]

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Space Weaver is a seven-foot-tall 3D weaving machine

Now that’s one heck of a Maker’s ‘dream weaver.’  A group of Digital Craft Lab students recently developed a seven-foot-tall 3D printer, aptly dubbed Space Weaver, that is designed to create ultra-lightweight woven structures with fibrous materials, rather than the plastics usually extruded by similar machines. Led by our friend Michael Shiloh and fellow Future Cities Lab instructor Jason […]

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Dutch Maker 3D prints an entire 3D printer

Over the last 12 months, we’ve certainly seen a fair share of new 3D printers hit the market. While many of today’s printers range in terms of size, extruders, composition, materials and hardware, none may be as unique as the one recently created by Dutch Maker Harold Reedijk. As 3DPrint.com notes, Makers have been constructing their own 3D printers using 3D-printed parts for a while now […]

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15-year-old Maker creates a DIY 3D printer for $400

Several months back, 15-year-old Braden designed a DIY 3D printer with an approximate $400 build of materials (BOM). The Delta Twister build — which was recently posted to Instructables — had also been an entry in the site’s Arduino contest earlier in the year. “Anyone can build the Delta Twister! You don’t need any 3D printed parts or […]

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