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This suitcase is actually a portable 3D printer

Focus is a multi-material, ultra-portable 3D printer that fits within a suitcase.  When it comes to the utmost portability, nothing says “on the go” more than a piece of luggage, right? Have you ever thought about taking a 3D printer with you when you’re traveling? Probably not, mostly because a vast majority of machines are still […]

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Lewihe Play is a $77 3D printer for Makers

This new 3D printer from Lewihe is both extremely customizable and affordable. As we’ve seen with pretty much all technology, whether that’s PCs, laptops or the conventional printer market, prices tend to drop to a more affordable and reasonable level in time. Think about it, just a couple of years ago, a 3D printer would […]

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Electroloom is the world’s first fabric ‘3D printer’

Doin-knit and doin-knit and doin-knit well! This 3D printer can create your nightly attire moments before heading out.  Archaeologists suggest that the art of sewing dates all the way back to the prehistoric era, nearly 25,000 years ago, where those of the last ice age would attach hide, skin, fur and bark to devise clothing and shelter with nothing more than some […]

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NEA is bringing stylish and upgradeable 3D printing to the masses

This sleek, unibody and affordable 3D printer comes in three different sizes.  Amid the countless 3D printers that have entered the market in recent years, there are always a handful of startups that truly captivate our attention. Toronto-based NEA is one of those, and rightfully so. In an effort to provide Makers with an FFF 3D printing device that is affordable, […]

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You-SLS is an inexpensive, open-source SLS 3D printer

One Maker has set out to build the cheapest SLS printer on the market.  In recent years, there have been plenty of FDM and SLA printers to emerge on crowdfunding sites, and rightfully so. Given their ease-of-use and affordability, these desktop machines have become the go-to choice for Makers looking to 3D print a project. Though, as great as they may be, users […]

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The Palette turns any 3D printer into a multi-color, multi-material machine

One Canadian startup has developed a way to take 3D printing to the next level. Over the past couple of years, there has been an upsurge in the number of 3D printing startups and a slew of new machines. However, as great as many of them are, they all too often share the same limitation: they can only […]

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Printrbot Play will be a $399 fully-assembled 3D printer for Makers

Printbrot CEO Brook Drumm gives a sneak peek at the soon-to-be-launched Printrbot Play.  Just the other day, Printbrot’s CEO Brook Drumm unveiled their new 3D printer, the Printrbot Play. The latest device will be a fully-assembled, easy-to-use FDM 3D printer featuring a build envelope of 100mm x 100mm x 130mm, a full metal chassis and a MIC6 aluminum print bed. Coming […]

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Disney Research creates a 3D printer that can print in fabric

A new form of 3D printing technology can make embeddedable, plush toys. 3D printing has grown leaps and bounds over the last couple of years, not only in terms of the gadgets themselves, but the filaments they are capable of extruding as well. Still though, most consumer-grade 3D printers only construct objects comprised of rigid and hard materials (like plastics, ceramics or metal) fused […]

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Tiko is the $179 “unibody” 3D printer you’ve always wanted

This 3D printer is setting a new standard for design and price. Given the rise of the Maker Movement, it’s not unusual to hear about a new 3D printer making its debut on Kickstarter. However, when that 3D printer aspires to change up the game, it’s certainly worth noting. Tiko is a budget-friendly, Delta-style 3D printer that has […]

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Maker creates a super fast, continuous SLA 3D printer

This super fast DIY 3D printer may one day take on the likes of Carbon3D. Just the other week, Carbon3D unveiled a groundbreaking new 3D printing process, which is being billed as anywhere between 25 and 100 times faster than machines on the market today. Hot on the heels of this big announcement, 3DPrint.com has brought to our attention another super speedy […]

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