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AeroQuad is an open source ‘copter

The AeroQuad – which is being showcased this weekend at Silicon Valley Maker Faire 2013 – is an open-source hardware and software project dedicated to helping makers and modders construct their very own remote controlled four-rotor helicopters.


AeroQuad hardware often includes an Arduino microcontroller (Atmel Mega 2560 or Uno) as the flight controller board, along with an AeroQuad shield and various sensors, such as an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer (heading), barometer (altitude hold) and ultrasonic sensors.

AeroQuad parts can be snapped up here, while AeroQuad software can be downloaded here. Additional information is available here.

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One Comment on “AeroQuad is an open source ‘copter”

  1. Wilson Parra October 30, 2013 at 6:35 am #

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