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The Feather 32U4 FONA combines an ATmega32U4 and a GSM module

Let your ideas fly anywhere in the world with this all-new Adafruit board. Another week, another Feather! Adafruit continues to expand its newest ‘all-in-one’ microcontroller family with the Feather 32U4 FONA. The latest in their constantly-growing lineup boasts the same form factor as its siblings along with a LiPo battery charger and microUSB. Unlike the others, however, this bad boy is equipped with […]

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19 smart crowdfunding campaigns you may want to back this week

Every Friday, we take a look at some of the smartest, most innovative projects that caught our attention on Kickstarter and Indiegogo over the last seven days.  Pagaré NFC Payment Smartstraps This smartstrap may be the coolest, easiest way to pay using your Pebble smartwatch. Fit Pay Inc. is closing in on its $120,000 Kickstarter goal. Carv This […]

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Maximo is an Arduino-driven, 5-axis robotic arm

This affordable, easy-to-assemble arm will let you learn a thing or two about robotics. Whether you’re a novice Maker or a well-seasoned engineer, Maximo is a new five-axis robotic arm perfect for your desktop. The brainchild of Montreal-based startup InnoTechnix, Maximo boasts a laser-cut acrylic body and a wide range of applications. The arm itself is driven by an Arduino board and servo […]

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An Arduino MPPT solar charger shield

This Maker decided to build his own MPPT (maximum point of power tracking) charge controller. Lukas was asked by a friend for help on a solar project. Inspired by an Instructables article, this friend wanted to make (or inspire someone else to make) a system to charge a battery to provide power in his garden. Charging […]

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CowTech Ciclop is a $100 3D laser scanner

Makers can produce high-quality scans for a fraction of the cost of other machines. Those who’ve ever wanted to copy a three-dimensional object without shelling out an arm and a leg for a professional-grade machine are in luck. That’s because Maker Jason Smith has developed an open source, RepRap 3D scanner. The best part? It’ll cost you less than $100. According to its […]

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The world’s tiniest RGB LED cube

This 4x4x4 cube measures only 2cm on each side. If you read Atmel’s blog, chances are that you’ve seen a programmable LED cube. Given the amount of soldering involved, adequate space between each light would seem like a necessity. Hari Wiguna, however, decided that he could make a 4x4x4 cube measuring only 2cm on each […]

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New gateway will connect billions of Bluetooth devices to the IoT

The Bluetooth SIG’s new architecture and toolkit will enable developers to create Internet gateways for Bluetooth products. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) just introduced a new architecture and supporting set of educational tools that enables developers to quickly create Internet gateways for Bluetooth products. These gateways allow any Bluetooth sensor to relay data to the cloud and back […]

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Sensor-1 is a tiny powerful security system

This movement tracking sensor is a thief’s worst enemy. Losing valuables or getting things stolen is a pain. Even though today’s smartphones and laptops come with GPS tracking apps, your lost device would still need to be online to pinpoint its exact location. What if you could just stop a thief in the moment and […]

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Maker gives his dad remote-controlled eyebrows

This project will raise some brows… When you have a pair of formidable eyebrows like Alec Smecher’s father, it can probably get a bit tiring always having to raise them by yourself. What if there was a remote-control feature that could take of that for you? Well, this is exactly what the Maker decided to do as a birthday […]

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This Arduino-powered machine turns tweets into cocktails

Who knew you could get drunk on data?  You’ve most likely read a tweet, you’ve probably even heard a tweet aloud, but chances are you’ve never tasted a tweet. But that may all soon change, because Clément Gault and Koi Koi Design have developed Data Cocktail, an Arduino-powered machine that whips up cocktails based on, you guessed it, Twitter activity. Data Cocktail […]

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