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Atmel |SMART SAM L21 is winning the low-power battle

EE Times highlights the ongoing game of leapfrog between MCU vendors for the lowest-power solution. Can you guess who’s winning? Writing for EE Times, Rich Quinnell notes that MCU vendors have become engaged in a new game of leapfrog, announcing a slew of products with ever-improving benchmark results and leadership in ultra-low power processing. “While this may seem like […]

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Ardusat gives young Makers control of satellites in space

Ardusat lets students to launch experiments in space and collect data from an orbiting satellite. Ask any classroom of kids what they want to be when they grow up, and undoubtedly a few imaginative youngsters will answer emphatically with “astronaut!” With that lofty goal in mind, Salt Lake City-based startup Ardusat has partnered with satellite-based data provider Spire […]

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Here are some unbelievable projects to help celebrate Arduino Day

With Arduino Day celebrations just about to kick off, let’s take a look at some cool ‘duino projects! Atmel powers Arduino. Arduino enables Maker. Maker inspires the world. While there are countless creations all over the web, we’ve compiled just a few of the most dynamic and different ‘duino projects from the past couple of months to help celebrate March 28th. […]

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Gbg-8 isn’t like any other Polaroid camera

With a click of the trigger, the gbg-8 shoots… a photo! No stranger to Bits & Pieces, Moscow-based artist Dmitry Morozov has created a rather strange yet innovative DIY camera unlike anything you’ve probably seen before. In essence, the gbg-8 is an 8-bit instant photo camera masquerading as a gun, which was designed using an old Game Boy, a camera, a thermal […]

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Twitter Mood Lamp visualizes the mood of Denver

This 3D-printed, Arduino-powered lamp changes colors to match the mood of Denver.  Many people consider New York to be a busy metropolis filled with irritable and angry people. On the other hard, others find Los Angeles to be more laid-back. New Orleans, well several folks would say it’s rather festive and jovial. However, the mood of a place like Denver, Colorado is a […]

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VormVrij unveils a lineup of clay-based 3D printers

This large 3D clay printer is ideal for potters, digital artists and Makers. Plastics, metals, woods and even chocolates are among some of the materials currently being used by 3D printers today. While they may be great mediums for rapid prototyping, they simply won’t suffice for artists and craftsmen looking to create things out of clay. That was until now. Thanks to […]

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Maker 3D prints a fully-functioning, Planck-inspired mechanical keyboard

Why go to Staples for a keyboard when you can print your own? The Planck is a compact (40%) Ortholinear keyboard designed with ergomnomic thumb placement. For those unfamiliar the kits, the plate layouts are relatively the same as a traditional keyboard with the exception that the keys are all the same size. Recently, Maker Adam Forland 3D-printed and assembled a fully-functioning […]

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Maker builds a DIY SLA 3D printer for less than $30

This SLA 3D printer can be created using materials found throughout your home — and an Arduino. Although many 3D printers strive for simplicity and affordability, this one surely takes the cake. Whereas a device under $500 may catch your attention, one that costs less than a Saturday night dinner surely will hold it. user “Mystamo” […]

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China’s first 3D-printed car hits the road

A Chinese company has just completed a 3D-printed car for $1,770. Hot off the heels of Local Motors, Sanya Sihai has created China’s first 3D-printed car: a bright orange electric-powered sedan. If you recall, the Chinese company previously developed the world’s first fully-functional boat last August, a two-meter long vessel capable of accommodating two passengers. The road-ready vehicle took a month and […]

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Arduino Day

Here are some fun facts to celebrate Arduino Day!

Just in case you need to sharpen your Arduino trivia skills…   Saturday is Arduino Day, a worldwide celebration of the open-source board along with the countless gizmos and gadgets made with it. Originally envisioned for students and artists to quickly prototype projects, you can now find Arduino powering just about everything from DIY wearables and robots to clever hacks and […]

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