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This door sensor plays Seinfeld classic rif

Each time someone enters the room, this door emits some iconic Seinfeld tunes. Everyone who has watched even a little TV instantly recognizes the iconic bass notes from Seinfeld. Well, YouTuber Caliixxs has paid homage to the hit sitcom using an apartment door. The setup is rather simple: each time someone enters the room, one of the familiar riffs begins to sound. To make this […]

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Maker rebuilds a pizza oven with Arduino

Who needs delivery when you can create your own pizza oven? If you come across a broken pizza oven that you’d really enjoy using, but the control system is broken, what are you to do? If you’re imgur user “maschlue” — or hopefully many of the readers of this blog — the answer is to […]

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Instantly print art onto your fingernails with your smartphone

The Nailbot prints instant custom nail art, while inspiring girls to explore creative technology. If you’re tired of the same ol’ one-color manicure and rather decorate your nails with smiley face emojis, logos or even selfies, one Menlo Park-based startup has just the thing for you. The brainchild of Preemadonna, the aptly named NailBot is a nail art device that instantly prints […]

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easyJet wearable tech 2 (photo Nathan Gallagher 2)

EasyJet staff to sport new smart LED-laden uniforms

Wearable tech, you are now ready for takeoff. To celebrate its 20th year in operation, European airline EasyJet recently unveiled a first-of-its kind uniform for both cabin crew and aircraft engineers. Not only does the new getup boast a futuristic look, it incorporates wearable technology to enhance communication and passenger safety procedures. (Bet now you’ll pay attention!) Unlike other airlines who simply […]

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ShiftWear lets you customize your sneakers from your phone

ShiftWear is putting app-controlled e-ink displays on your shoes. It seems like everything these days is becoming smarter, and that doesn’t exclude our shoes. While the idea of customized sneakers is a far cry from new, one New York-based startup has decided to take another step into the future. How, you ask? By creating footwear that can display personalized, moving images on its […]

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Watch this Arduino-controlled, autonomous robot swim underwater

This robot is fincredible! A team from the Control Systems and Robotics Laboratory at the Technological Educational Institute of Crete has developed a bio-inspired, fin-propelled robot that can swim underwater. Each fin is comprised of three individually actuated fin rays, which are interconnected by an elastic membrane. An Arduino Mega (ATmega2560) at its core runs custom real-time […]

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Open source 8 bit turkey putting in touchshield

8-bit turkey, anyone?

Most people prefer their Thanksgiving turkey stuffed. Well, engineers like it embedded. Who’s ready for the IoT? The Internet of Turkeys, that is. As everything around us becomes connected, engineers have seemingly found countless ways to embed technology into once-ordinary objects to make them smart. And well, Collin Cunningham has proven that there really is nothing that can’t be enhanced […]

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This $10 device can predict your next credit card number

MagSpoof is an ATtiny85 based device that can accurately predict your next Amex card number, disable chip-and-PIN and even spoof magnetic stripes wirelessly. After recently losing his credit card, it wasn’t long before American Express sent Samy Kamkar a replacement. It was that moment in time that the serial hacker noticed something quite peculiar: the digits on the new card […]

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The world’s first solar-powered DIY airplane kit

Volta Flyer is the handmade airplane you wish you had when you were a kid! Remember making paper airplanes as a child, and the fleeting moment of gratification when the plane successfully glides, even for just a few seconds? Did you ever wish for your paper airplane to fly longer, and go wherever you wanted it […]

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Optimizing crop irrigation with Arduino

To optimize crop yield, this group of Makers developed an Arduino-based irrigation system that uses sensors and a weather station. As part of a recent hackathon in Madrid, one team of Makers created a grid system to optimize crop field irrigation through an array of soil moisture sensors and a weather station. Crop Squares (inspired by alien crop circles) was initially conceived as a way […]

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