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This quarter-sized device will make your car smarter for $9

AwareCar will let you know where you parked and save you from getting a ticket.  Finding a parking space in a city can be tough enough, but when each quarter only gives you a fraction of a minute, running errands in the allotted amount of time gets even tougher. Making matters worse, if a meter goes unfed with change, […]

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Pro Trinket powers this brilliant bike POV display

Light up your nighttime bike ride with this persistence of vision display from Adafruit. In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen numerous Maker projects focused around bicycles. To recount just a few, there’s been a smart helmet with turn signals and automatic brake lights, a smartphone-controlled handlebar lighting system, and most recently added to the list of bright ideas […]

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Leaf Light is an indoor garden monitor

Build an Arduino-based monitor that will let you know if your indoor plants are getting enough light and water. Does it seem like every plant that you keep inside your house somehow dies? If this is an all too common occurrence, you’re in luck. That’s because Maker Kaia Sievert has built an Arduino-based monitor that lets those without a green thumb know if their pots are getting […]

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Brinco is a personal early-warning system for earthquakes and tsunamis

Brinco will alert you if an earthquake or tsunami is headed your way, giving your family time to get to safety. In an earthquake or tsunami, 30 seconds extra notice can be the difference between life or death. Take for instance, the 7.8-magnitude disaster that struck Nepal back in April, where none of the country’s residents had advanced warning. Had an early detection system been in […]

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Screwduino is an Arduino Uno-like board with screw terminals

Screwduino takes the Arduino design and replaces the headers/pins with screw terminals.  Like countless other Makers out there, Doug Gilliland fell in love with the Arduino Uno for its simplistic functionality and rapid prototyping abilities. However, he quickly grew frustrated with some of their limitations, namely those associated with deploying a final project. What he found was that, as great as these boards may […]

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Modulo is now based on the Atmel | SMART SAM D21f

Modulo is a simple, modular solution for Makers looking to build electronics. Back in May, former Pixar developer Erin Tomson unveiled a new set of plug-and-play boards designed to take the headache and hassle out of building electronics. Not long after its Kickstarter launch, Modulo flew by its $10,000 pledge goal having garnered over $50,000 from 315-plus backers. Since then, the Richmond, […]

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This installation makes poetry using MIT’s ConceptNet

Definitions is a meditation on digital ontologies and commodification. The brainchild of Parsons School of Design student Bryan Ma, Definitions is a poetic computational installation comprised of 15 small, networked LCDs that serves as a metaphor for the use of neuro-linguistic programming (NLB) in commoditizing human activity on the web. One at a time, the LCDs individually display seemingly random English words or phrases in order from […]

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15 smart crowdfunding campaigns you may want to back this week

Every Friday, we’re taking a look at some of the smartest, most innovative projects that caught our attention on Kickstarter and Indiegogo over the last seven days.  Opal This countertop appliance can make a pound of chewable, craveable nugget ice in an hour. FirstBuild has already well surpassed its $150,000 goal on Indiegogo. Arcano MIDI NES Chiptune Synthesizer This AVR-based […]

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Bevel brings 3D photography to your smartphone

If a 2D picture can say a thousand words, how many can a 3D picture say?   Back in 2013, New York City startup Matter and Form launched a slick 3D scanner on Indiegogo. With aspirations of making the next-gen technology both affordable and accessible to everyone, the ATmega32U4 powered machine became an immediate hit garnering over $471,000 CAD. Two […]

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This 1971 video shows one of the earliest self-driving cars

“Look, no hands!” While it may be hard to believe, this driverless car is from 1971.  Though autonomous vehicles may be all the rage as of late, the idea isn’t all that new. Just take a look at this video from 1971 — which is among a series of newly-released archive footage by the Associated Press […]

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