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CellRobot is the world’s first smart modular robot

Assemble and control your own robot with the shapes you imagine and the functions you want. When it comes to the Maker Movement, modularity is king. Think littleBits. Think Microduino. Think Modulo. Think RePhone. But why stop at DIY devices? Sharing many of the same principles, Chinese startup KEYi Technology has introduced a customizable, reconfigurable robot that encourages […]

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Creating a custom, self-learning TV remote

Reminiscent of the seven-function remotes of yesterday, this Maker built a barebones controller for the elderly. While on the topic of slick remotes, we couldn’t help but share another one. This time, it’s not from a high-end brand of smart home devices; rather, it’s from no other than the Maker community. You see, Hari Wiguna’s 90-year-old […]

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Control everything in your home with the sleek Savant Remote

With a high-def touchscreen and voice control, this is only remote you’ll ever need.  If you’ve never heard of Savant Systems, you’re not alone. And if you happen to have their technology installed in your home, chances are you’re in the one percent of the top one percent. Just to give you an idea of how rich we’re talking, the late Apple […]

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This smart system wants to make rehabilitation more enjoyable

A group of Makers is looking to revolutionize rehabilitation with their new system.  As many of us know all too well, injuries to the hand and wrist are fairly common among children these days. Making matters worse, rehabilitation exercises for this body part tend to be just as demotivating as they are monotonous. So wouldn’t it be nice if there was a […]

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Building a robotic bed with Arduino

Self-driving cars? How about an autonomous bed instead?  Randy Sarafan over at the Instructables Design Studio has created a robotic social bed that seeks out people and makes new friends along the way. You can think of it as an autonomous vehicle, just in the form of a queen-sized bed. Bedfellow is more than a futuristic piece of furniture, […]

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moodLight is a smart box that displays real-time emotion

moodLight is a WiFi-connected desk lamp that illustrates the mood of the online world with beautiful twists of color. It’s safe to say that social media has not only revolutionized the journalistic landscape, but the way in which we gather news, events, gossip and other share-worthy content. However, wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually see how the world responded to […]

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SOMNIUM’s DRT software tools now available in Atmel Studio 7

Build smaller, faster, cheaper and more energy efficient software for Atmel | SMART devices with the SOMNIUM DRT Atmel Studio Extension. As the desire for the world to become more connected increases by the day, we see more and more devices connecting to each other and sensors being built into everything around us. The advent […]

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Tracksoar is an open source APRS tracker

The Tracksoar is a small, lightweight and ready-to-fly APRS tracker that’s simplifying high-altitude ballooning.  Have you ever wanted to capture your own stunning photos of Earth or collect atmospheric conditions from the edge of space? In an effort to reduce the amount and weight of electronic components required for high-altitude balloon launches, Mike Bales of the Santa Barbara Hackerspace has developed an […]

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Jabber is a tossable talking toy for kids

Jabber is the first smart toy designed to be tossed, kicked, smashed, hit and more. Although the concept of educational toys may be nothing new, SKWRL Design has created a new and innovative way for children to have fun while also developing their social, sensory and fine motor skills. Say hi to Jabber. Billed as the first smart toy designed to be hit, smashed, kicked and tossed, […]

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This cyberpunk wearable projects video graffiti onto walls

VIDEOBLΛST_R is a wearable projection device used for mapping eight prepared audiovisual pieces. Spray-painted graffiti is so 2014. Just ask media artist R▲, who has developed a wearable projection device that enables users to map eight prepared audiovisual pieces in dynamic outdoor conditions. And the best part, it leaves no mess nor any trace of vandalism. Dubbed VIDEOBLΛST_R, the system is mounted onto a rollerblade […]

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