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PLEN2 is the world’s first printable, open-source robot

Anything you can do, PLEN2 can do better. R2-D2. GERTY 3000. K-9. Jinx. These are just some of the most well-known robotic sidekicks that super geeks like us have come to love. Soon, PLEN2 may join the ranks of these memorable sci-fi characters, with the only difference being actual real world use. Whether you’ve ever wanted someone to go to class in your place, […]

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Video: Pop-up Crocs store brings you shoes by drone

UAV? Try Shoe-A-V.  It’s a good thing Al Bundy is retired because it looks like we may inching closer to a future filled with in-store sneaker-delivering drones. As to whether or not you actually wear Crocs is an entirely different story, however the shoemaker recently replaced its salespeople with a quadcopter at a Tokyo pop-up store on March 5th. In celebration of […]

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Henri wants to help designers create ambient UIs for smart devices

This interactive gizmo is making it easier for designers to explore the ambient UIs of tomorrow’s gadgets.  Smart devices will undoubtedly continue to proliferate over the coming years. With billions of these connected gizmos expected to hit the market and ultimately make their way into our homes, this leaves one important question: How do you communicate with an Internet-enabled appliance when it doesn’t […]

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Print out breakfast with the newest version of PancakeBot

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, Maker’s man. Print me a pancake as fast as you can.  The very first version of the open-source PancakeBot was designed way back in 2010 by Miguel Valenzuela. At the time, Valenzuela was inspired by a MAKE: Magazine feature on a British designer who devised a Pancake Stamping Machine using LEGO. Since then, the machine has become a Maker sensation, claiming […]

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Adafruit unveils the GEMMA v2

The newest version of the Adafruit GEMMA features an on/off switch and micro-USB. We’re not quite sure as to how we missed this bit of news on #WearableWednesday, however if DIY wearable projects are your thing, then perhaps you’d like know about the brand-spanking new Adafruit GEMMA v2. The latest version, which is essentially identical to its predecessor in […]

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Pleurobot is a lifelike robotic salamander

This bio-inspired robot may be the future of search-and-rescue missions. Bio-inspired robotic locomotion is a fairly new sub-category of bio-inspired design, revolving around learning concepts from nature and applying them to the design of real world engineered systems. More specifically, this field is about making robots that are inspired by biological systems. When it comes to these bio-mimicking bots, […]

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This device lets you send encrypted messages using social networks

Project Cuckoo looks at our interactions with intercepted social networks and how alternative ways of communicating might change them. A new project from one Berlin-based designer has set out to explore our interactions with intercepted social networks and how alternative ways of communicating might change them. Created by Jochen Maria Weber, Cuckoo is a communication device that uses social […]

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Creating a synchronized string fountain with Arduino

This kinetic sculpture uses propulsion to elevate a continuous piece of string into the air. There’s just something about fountains with their synchronization, fluid movements and translucent colors that can instantly captivate the attention of viewers. But what about displays that don’t use water? That is what one artist has set out to do, with a project he calls the String Fountain. Replicating the […]

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Creating a 3D-printed automatic fish feeder

Helios Labs has designed an automatic fish feeder using Arduino and a 3D printer.  Aquaponics is a food production system that combines conventional aquaculture (such as raising aquatic animals) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment. Fish are the power house of any good aquaponics system, as they provide the nutrients for the plants. In an effort to ensure that the creatures are properly fed, the crew over at Helios […]

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3D printing your own remote-controlled Mars Rover

This DIY project is out of this world!  Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen a number of objects successfully 3D-printed in zero-gravity by our friends at Made In Space in collaboration with NASA. These efforts are mere proof that 3D printing applications will soon transcend beyond just simple tools and small components, bringing us one step closer to future […]

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