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Pyra is the world’s first 3D-printed smart oven

Project Pyra demonstrates the convergence of 3D printing and the Internet of Things. Pyra is the world’s first 3D-printed smart oven. The brainchild of FATHOM, the convection oven combines the versatility of fused deposition modeling with advanced cloud-based intelligence, ultimately defining the convergence of both direct digital manufacturing and the Internet of Things. As you can see from its 45-degree, self-supporting sides, Pyra is not like […]

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This 3D printing robot “draws” furniture and other decor

Galatéa is a robotic arm that can design fully-customiszable furniture on demand. When you think of piecing together your own furniture, IKEA is surely the first brand that comes to mind. However, instead of having to assemble it all by hand, wouldn’t it be much easier to allow a machine to take care of it for you? That’s the idea behind a recent Kickstarter […]

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This RepRap machine is as self-replicating as a DIY 3D printer can get

This accessible, hackable and customizable RepRap printer features a large 8” x 6” x 6″ build volume. Desktop 3D printers pretty much seem to be a dime a dozen these days. And whereas some Makers would prefer to simply go out and purchase one, others would rather take on the challenge of building their own from scratch. Take Ryan Adams, for example. The Maker […]

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Retrofitting an FM radio with Arduino

Instead of throwing out a defunct radio, this hacker decided to have some fun with an Arduino.  10 years ago, Marcus Jenkins purchased an inexpensive Sunstec RP-S500 FM radio. Left with an obsolete, malfunctioning device, the hacker decided to take its inner workings and convert them into an Arduino FM radio. The radio, which appeared to be something straight out of 1975 and […]

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Ripple Maker uses 3D printing tech to personalize your latte

The Ripple Maker combines hardware and software to stamp an image or message onto your morning latte, cappuccino or any other foam-topped drink.  As any coffee aficionado will admit, there’s something about a barista charming you with a gorgeous piece of art on the foam of your morning latte. Up until now only the most skilled of baristas were able to craft such masterpieces which range from iconic leaves to […]

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Breach Brief: Trump Hotel Collection likely victim of data breach

The Trump Hotel Collection appears to be the latest organization to be hit with a major credit card breach, according to a report from Krebs on Security.  What happened? Sources reveal that several banks have traced a pattern of fraudulent debit and credit card charges to accounts that had all been used at Trump hotels. Who was affected? Among the hotel chain’s locations possibly affected […]

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This conductive ink can make your clothes smarter

University of Tokyo researchers have created a new ink that can be printed on textiles in a single step. As the dream of a world with everyone wearing smart clothing continues to become a reality, University of Tokyo researchers have developed a new conductive ink that will enable electronics to be printed on stretchable fabrics. “Current printed electronics, such as transistors, light-emitted diodes, and solar panels, […]

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LG Chem’s reveals hexagonal batteries for round smartwatches

LG Chem is bringing 25% more battery capacity to wearable devices. When it comes to wearables, especially smartwatches, one of the biggest obstacles to overcome so far has been battery life. Given that the devices are adorned to the wrist, size and space are often limited. As a result, batteries are required to adhere to certain form factors in order to properly nestle inside. Open up any mobile gadget today […]

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This interactive dress visualizes New York City’s subway

LEDs on this FLORA-powered dress light up according to nearest subway line. For those of you who have ever lived in or visited New York City, you know just how intimidating the subway system can be. Cognizant of this, Boram Kim has devised a clever (and stylish) solution to the problem. As shown on the runway at NYU ITP’s Spring 2015 […]

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Let the BitOlympic Games begin!

littleBits + Olympics = BitOlympics While we may still be a year out from the Rio Summer Games, our friends at littleBits have launched the first-ever BitOlympics. The three-week competition encourages Makers of all levels to create extraordinary inventions, learn new skills, meet other Bitsters from around the world, and of course, go for the gold with up to $5,000 in prizes. The games […]

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