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This cute owl is the extra set of eyes you need at home

Ulo is an owl-shaped security camera that communicates through eye expressions. Surveillance cameras can be obvious eye sores to put around your house. If you wanted to monitor your home, you had to get over the aesthetics of security devices. Now, there’s a new way to keep an eye out, without putting a damper on […]

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3D printing an Arduino-controlled stepper motor

As a way to help teach others how stepper motors work, this Maker designed one of his own.  Normal DC motors are fairly easy to use. Connect the propper voltage across the positive and negative leads, and one of these motors should spin. Stepper motors, however, are somewhat more complicated, both in how they are […]

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Maker converts his TIE Fighter toy into a flying drone

Can you ever get sick of Star Wars projects? Didn’t think so. Just in time for December 18th’s release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, one Maker has successfully converted his Hasbro First Order TIE Fighter into a fully-functional, flying quadcopter. Impressively, Imgur user “woodpiece” was able to accomplish this feat with only a few tweaks. The Star Wars enthusiast threw a couple of rotor arms onto […]

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Maker dad builds a MIDI-enabled highchair

This IKEA highchair hack is tray-mazing! We’ve seen Maker parents mod their children’s odds and ends in the past, but this highchair may have taken it to a whole new level. That’s because Phil Tucker has hacked his baby’s $20 IKEA dining accessory into pro-gamer training rig and then some. To make the aptly named Highscore Chair a reality, Tucker scavenged a pair […]

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Control your home theater with any IR remote

This Maker’s sketch emulates a USB keyboard to control Plex when it receives button presses from a remote. Once you have a home theater PC (HTPC) set up in your living room, how to elegantly control it is a huge priority. A wireless keyboard is an obvious solution, but the limited range and general “largeness” of many […]

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Hands full? KickSoul lets you answer calls with your feet

KickSoul is an embedded insole that maps natural feet movements into inputs for digital devices. Have you ever tried to answer a call, respond to a text or look something up on your phone when your hands are full? Thanks to a team of MIT Media Lab researchers, you can try using your feet instead. Introducing KickSoul — an insole that […]

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Maker builds a scrapyard truck simulator

Have you ever wanted to play a truck simulator with a real dashboard on your PC? Now you can.  As much fun as flight, truck or giant robot simulators can be when played with a keyboard and mouse, having a realistic cockpit to go with it certainly would enhance the realism. Jeroen vd Velden, who […]

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mBot is an Arduino-compatible educational robot for young Makers

Now part of the Arduino AtHeart program, Makeblock is looking help children learn how to program through a user-friendly kit, software and interface.  Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a number of easy-to-use robotic kits become available for young Makers in hope of inspiring them to pursue STEM-related fields. Among the more notable companies looking to spur this initiative is […]

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Introducing the Adafruit Feather M0 Basic Proto

The Feather M0 Basic Proto boasts a bunch of on-board prototyping space. And just like that, the Adafruit Feather family continues to grow. The latest addition? The Feather M0 Basic Proto board. Unlike some of its siblings, Adafruit has swapped out the ATmega32U4 for an Atmel | SMART SAM D21. At the Feather M0’s heart is an ATSAMD21G18 clocked at 48MHz at […]

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ShiftWear lets you customize your sneakers from your phone

ShiftWear is putting app-controlled e-paper displays on your shoes. It seems like everything these days is becoming smarter, and that doesn’t exclude our shoes. While the idea of customized sneakers is a far cry from new, one New York-based startup has decided to take another step into the future. How, you ask? By creating footwear that can display personalized, moving images on its […]

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