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Celebrating Pac-Man’s 35th birthday Maker style

Taking a look at a few Maker projects inspired by the most popular arcade game of all-time. Did you know Pac-Man turns 35 today? (Okay, now we feel old.) First released on May 22, 1980 by Namco, it would go on to become a fixture at arcades throughout the world as well as an icon in pop culture history. The game was unveiled at a time when Space Invaders and Asteroids’ monochrome […]

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Quip brings simplicity and smarts to your electric toothbrush

This startup wants to ensure that you replace your toothbrush every three months.  Evident by the sheer volume of new startups entering the market, innovative gadgets on display throughout tradeshow floors, and news stories suggesting everything in our world is connected, the IoT has surely arrived. However, while a vast majority of once-ordinary items embedded with next-gen technology […]

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Build an automatic temp controller for your grill with Modulo

Slow and steady wins the taste! It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and that can mean only one thing: the unofficial start of barbecue season! Given the finger-lickin’ deliciousness of BBQ ribs, chicken and pulled pork, it’s no wonder that it has become one the oldest and most popular cooking methods throughout the world. One style in particular, American Southern, involves roasting meat […]

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16 knives and one meat cleaver come together to perform a Bee Gees hit

This is what happens when you get a song stuck in the Edward Scissorhands’ head and then give him an Arduino. We’ve seen some pretty astonishing yet absurd musical masterpieces over the years, and this latest project from Neil Mendoza  may take the cake. That’s because the British artist now living in LA has put together what is perhaps the greatest […]

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This suitcase is actually a portable 3D printer

Focus is a multi-material, ultra-portable 3D printer that fits within a suitcase.  When it comes to the utmost portability, nothing says “on the go” more than a piece of luggage, right? Have you ever thought about taking a 3D printer with you when you’re traveling? Probably not, mostly because a vast majority of machines are still […]

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Lewihe Play is a $77 3D printer for Makers

This new 3D printer from Lewihe is both extremely customizable and affordable. As we’ve seen with pretty much all technology, whether that’s PCs, laptops or the conventional printer market, prices tend to drop to a more affordable and reasonable level in time. Think about it, just a couple of years ago, a 3D printer would […]

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Take a B&W selfie with this Qduino Mini thermal printer

But first let me take a B&W selfie…  Hot on the heels of a rather successful Kickstarter campaign, Quin Etynre continues to amaze us with his pure ingenuity and passion for creating things. As the epitome of what it takes to go from Makerspace to marketplace, the 14-year-old CEO recently debuted what he calls the Qduino Mini, a […]

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Bocusini is a plug-and-play food 3D printing system

This easy-to-use system features a food printing head on a standard 3D printer, cartridges, an intuitive US and a web platform. While on the surface it may appear to be something out of a sci-fi flick, the concept of 3D-printed food has begun to generate some major momentum as of late. From the looks of things, a future with […]

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Make the perfect cup of tea with Arduino

Arduino will keep you from over-steeping your tea. While coffee has been the fuel of engineers for years, others like Brian McEvoy sometimes prefer tea for their daily jolt in the morning and afternoon pick-me-up. In order to receive the maximum amount of caffeine, however, mastering the brewing time is imperative. Over-steeping tea sometimes can lead to […]

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Electroloom is the world’s first fabric ‘3D printer’

Doin-knit and doin-knit and doin-knit well! This 3D printer can create your nightly attire moments before heading out.  Archaeologists suggest that the art of sewing dates all the way back to the prehistoric era, nearly 25,000 years ago, where those of the last ice age would attach hide, skin, fur and bark to devise clothing and shelter with nothing more than some […]

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