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Google and Levi’s to make smart clothing that controls your devices

Google wants to turn your jeans into actual smarty pants. Controlling a tablet from the sleeve of your jacket or answering a call with a tap of your jeans aren’t something you can normally do — yet at least. However, if Google’s ATAP division has their way, you will. That’s because at I/O 2015, the company revealed its grand plan for making clothing much more connected, ultimately ushering […]

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Creating an Arduino-based solar MPPT controller

This Hackaday Prize entry is an Arduino-based MPPT controller that can charge a 12V lead-acid battery from a solar panel. A small solar installation typically calls for solar panel (obviously), along with a battery bank and an AC inverter. In order to get the most out of a system, it’s imperative to match the voltage of the solar cells to […]

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Building a smart irrigation controller with Modulo

The brainchild of Erin Tomson, Poseidon an irrigation controller built using Modulo, Raspberry Pi and Flutter. Like many of us, Erin Tomson has vegetable garden in her backyard. While having fresh, organic crops right outside your door seems like a great idea, often times it can become a daunting task having to constantly water the plants. And though there are […]

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17 smart crowdfunding campaigns you may want to back this week

Every Friday, we’re taking a look at some of the smartest, most innovative projects that have caught our attention on Kickstarter and Indiegogo over the last seven days.  SensorWake This olfactory alarm clock will use your favorite scents to stir you from your slumbers. Maker Guillaume Rolland is currently seeking $54,751 on Kickstarter. HidnSeek This tiny GPS tracker will locate just […]

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This DIY monitor helps prevent UV-caused skin damage

A Maker has developed a UV monitor based around an ambient light sensor, an ATmega168 and a 3V battery.  Summer is quickly approaching. That means weekends at the beach, all day picnics and more time doing chores around the house. This also means more time spent outdoors and the inevitable bout with sunburn. Sure, those rays and extra vitamin D always make us feel […]

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RepRapPro launches a $300 Delta 3D printer

The Fisher Delta 3D printer is an easy-to-assemble and even easier-to-afford machine for Makers of any level. Safe to say that the adoption of 3D printing will rely heavily upon both affordability and accessibility to Makers. And one of the companies continuing to lead the way is RepRapPro, who has debuted yet another open source machine for the DIY community. Recently unveiled during 3D […]

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Turning an old rotary phone into mobile handset

Project iRotary is one man’s quest to turn an old rotary phone into a mobile device. When Stavros Korokithakis was refused a landline in his new office space by the phone company, he decided to channel his inner anger by modding the inner workings of an antiquated rotary phone into a modern-day mobile handset. Not to mention, being a vexed person […]

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Tsunami is making signal generation accessible to everyone

The Tsunami is a powerful and flexible signal generator, analyzer and experimenter’s kit built on the Arduino platform. With more Makers looking to design and build their own hardware, they are often faced with a difficult choice: either spend hundreds, or even thousands for that matter, on expensive test equipment and development boards or waste time trying to make […]

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Roby is an Arduino-based, 3D-printable robotic platform

Young Makers can build their own customized, self-balancing robots as they explore programming and 3D design. The brainchild of Seattle startup Socially Shaped, Roby is a 3D-printed robotic machine that not only drives on four wheels, but can walk on two. If it falls, it can even pick itself up again with its two arms. The open-source robotic platform features a programmable on-board computer along […]

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Rewind: A look back at some of the original Arduino prototypes

While the shapes, colors and sizes of the earliest Arduinos may have varied, one thing has remained the same: Atmel at its heart. During Memorial Day weekend, the first Arduino to be made in the U.S. was hand built by Limor Fried alongside Massimo Banzi in Adafruit’s New York City headquarters. The initial board off the production line — which seems appropriate to have been an Uno (meaning […]

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